CoBank: US Dairy Producers Bolster Margins through Genetics

20:38 | 05/05/2016

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ANALYSIS - Due to the record-high beef prices in 2014-15, calf and cull cow sales provided a significant boost to dairies' margins, but this bonanza has ended, and dairies are looking to genetics to bolster their margins, according to CoBank's latest research report.

Wait Until Next Year For Dairy Recovery

20:18 | 22/06/2015

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GLOBAL – Those waiting on dairy prices to lift shouldn’t hold their breath because the world is still producing more milk than the market currently needs.

Milk Prices to Play Role in Dairy Herd’s Impact on Beef

14:09 | 25/05/2015

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UK - How beef supply is affected by UK dairy farming in the future will hinge partly on how dairy farms can deal with market volatility.

Help Needed to Solve Teat Removing Condition

11:06 | 18/05/2015

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Dairy VietNam - An English veterinarian is calling for help to unravel a mystery condition in dairy cattle that can result in cattle physically removing their own teats - in extreme cases all four teats. - See more at:

World Dairy Prices in Six Year Slump Despite Chinese Uptake

05:12 | 08/05/2015

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GLOBAL – Today’s global dairy trade closed down 3.5 per cent, taking the index to its lowest point since August 2009.

Will Corn and Soybean Crops Get Finished?

14:25 | 16/08/2013

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US - Corn and soyabean moisture may be limited by delayed planting and mild summer conditions, a crop scientist has predicted.

What Does the Sequester Mean for US Agriculture?

08:37 | 06/03/2013

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President Obama continues to seek a compromise to the latest US Congressional budget battle that will end the sweeping, across-the-board government spending cuts now taking effect, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheCattleSite senior editor.

USDA’s Chief Economist Expects Exports, Yields Up; Feed Prices Down

15:30 | 26/02/2013

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Despite the historic drought, USDA chief economist Joseph Glauber said at the 2013 USDA Outlook Conference that US agricultural exports will have another record-breaking year and the financial outlook for the ag sector remains solid. However, he acknowledged there are differences between sectors, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheCropSite senior editor.

Coping with a Volatile Feed Grain Market

12:58 | 15/02/2013

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(Dairy Vietnam) Three consecutive years of bad weather events around the world together with volatile markets that have been seen since 2007 have created uncertainty in the grain and protein meal market, writes Chris Harris.

CattleFax: Liquidation Permeates All US Cattle Segments

20:01 | 12/02/2013

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US-based CattleFax analysts told attendees at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association conference that beef cow liquidation at the cow-calf level has permeated every segment of the US cattle and beef industry, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheCattleSite senior editor.