How to Make Quality Hay: Understand How it Dries

20:24 | 22/06/2015

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(Dairy Vietnam) Don't be fooled - delaying harvest will sacrifice forage quality, warns an Ohio forage expert.

Temperature Humidity Index (THI)

19:00 | 01/10/2014

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Temperature Humidity Index (THI) is a measure that has been used since the early 1990s. It accounts for the combined effects of environmental temperature and relative humidity, and is a useful and easy way to assess the risk of heat stress.

EUROTIER: Vets Focus on Reducing Antibiotic Use

21:45 | 20/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) GERMANY - At the Animal Health Event in Hanover, the focus was on the future use of antibiotics for food animals and how best to achieve the optimum health and well-being of the animals.

Livestock Species, Diet Influence Manure Composting Recipes

07:54 | 15/09/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) CANADA - A soil scientist with the University of Manitoba says diet is one of the factors that will influence nutrient levels contained in composted livestock manure, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Vets say Fast, Effective Pneumonia Treatment is Vital in the Long-Term

22:09 | 07/09/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) UK - ‘Treat calf pneumonia quickly and effectively to stop it affecting the life-time performance of your cattle’, that’s the message endorsed by vets in recent research conducted by Merial Animal Health. The survey of cattle vets in the UK showed that 95 per cent agreed or agreed strongly that a lack of speedy or effective treatment could result in life-long performance being affected.

Ventilation Reduces Environmental Impact of Housing

21:44 | 15/08/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) DENMARK - A new smart ventilation system helps Danish livestock producers to overcome some of the environmental challenges that the industry faces. Scientists from Aarhus University are involved in the development of the system devised by MT Højgaard Agri.

Silver Ions to Destroy E.coli and Salmonella

20:44 | 13/08/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) GENERAL - A silver-ion laced silicone material that absorbs and destroys pathogens such as E.coli and Salmonella has been launched by Silicone Engineering.

Hay Choices for Cattle Producers

22:16 | 10/08/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - Cattle producers and equine enthusiasts in the Southern Great Plains rely heavily on introduced warm-season grasses for their winter hay needs. Primarily, these grasses are either bermudagrass or old world bluestem varieties.

How to Keep Milk Fresh

11:27 | 09/07/2012

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Milk can go bad quicker than most items in your refrigerator. Luckily, there are ways that you can extend milk's shelf life. Follow these simple tips to keep milk fresh for a longer period

Tetra Pak A3/Speed iLine- a new generation of packaging solutions

16:47 | 20/04/2012

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Near the top of every customer’s wish-list you will always find the desire to reduce operating costs.