Managing Cow Lactation Cycles

19:40 | 20/05/2015

Poor feeding management of cows can lead to shorter, lower yielding lactations and increase calving interval. This report by John Moran from Asia Dairy Network explains the changing feed requirements of cows over the lactation cycle and how to match this with cow genetics.

Storage Importance Stressed as Rains Fail to Reach All Areas

09:59 | 14/01/2013

(Dairy Vietnam) NEW ZEALAND - The importance of regional water storage has been made clear recently as recent Southland and West Coast rains have not reached parts of Gisborne and Hawke's bay where river levels remain critical.

Farmers Receive Support for Maintenance of Young-stock Herd

20:18 | 26/11/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) UKRAINE - The continuing subsidy payments in a livestock programme aimed at preserving the young cattle population in the country has amounted to over 250,000 grivna. This, the government says, is vital for safeguarding livestock farming and they have already seen improvements across the the livestock sector.

Fertigation - the key to higher yields, healthier Crops

22:39 | 04/11/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) In the late 1970's, a new concept materialized To serve the international farming community: fertigation. A natural step forward in agricultural technique, fertigation (from the words fertilizer and irrigation) is an effective method of applying chemicals and fertilizers To crops via the existing irrigation system.

Targeting Improved Fertility Levels in Liquid Milk Herds

22:44 | 21/10/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) IRELAND - Low fertility levels in Irish dairy herds are a huge hidden cost for dairy farmers, according to Teagasc Liquid Milk Specialist, Dr Joe Patton.

Support Young Farmers to Secure our Future

15:29 | 18/10/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) EU - We must secure our future, our food and our farmers. The European Council for Young Farmers (CEJA)) has launched a new campaign which calls for generational renewal in the farming sector to be a priority of the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Support for Farmers Through More Consumption of Local Produce

21:35 | 16/10/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) JAMAICA - The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, is increasing its appeal for Jamaicans to support the country’s farmers through the consumption of more local produce.

Dairy Launches Initiative to Help Dairy Farmers

20:09 | 06/09/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) ANALYSIS - venture | dairy is embarking on a new enterprise-based initiative to help small holder dairy farmers in emerging markets increase productivity and profitability, including improved milk yields, through knowledge, technology and capital, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheDairySite senior editor.

Unions Join Forces to Help Dairy Producers

20:03 | 20/07/2012

(DAIRY VIETNAM) SPAIN - Twelve dairy unions from Castile, Leon and Catalonia, have joined forces to create a first of a kind organisation representing over 500 cattle and 240 million litres of milk.

Individual Towns Cannot Modify Pollution Measures

12:10 | 17/07/2012

US - Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court of Magnolia exceeded its authority by imposing conditions not authorised by the Livestock Facility Siting law.