Headlocks or feed rails – You choose

10:19 | 21/04/2017

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When you are looking to design a new facility, or modify an existing one, it’s not as simple as just picking option A or option B. It’s critical to approach each project with animal management top of mind because any system you choose will affect not only your animals, but the facility layout, work routines and your labor requirements.

US Milk Powder Capacity Increasing Despite Global Supply Glut

12:47 | 14/07/2016

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ANALYSIS - Milk powder production in the US is set to significantly increase capacity over the next two years despite an ongoing global supply glut.

Got Dairy? A Look at Dairy Consumption Trends

23:17 | 18/05/2016

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ANALYSIS - The local grocery store recently remodelled. The most obvious change was increased real estate in the dairy sections, specifically cheese and yoghurt.

Can Lucerne Deliver for Your Cows?

22:31 | 27/02/2016

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Dairy farms that are suited to growing lucerne should consider it as an option when feeding their dairy cows, writes Dr Stephen Whelan of AHDB Dairy.

How Can Carbon Footprinting Improve Dairy Profits?

12:54 | 10/12/2015

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ANALYSIS - Nearly half the dairy farmers in the UK believe that taking measures to tackle climate change will add costs to their business, writes Chris Harris.

Vietnamese companies sign US$800million joint venture to raise cattle

21:41 | 24/06/2015

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Vietnamese companies Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group (HAGL), Vissan and NutiFood are part of a joint venture to raise cows and bulls for meat and milk in the country's Central Highlands

Progesterone Supplements Improve Cow Reproductive Performance

21:14 | 06/06/2015

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Progesterone hormone supplements can increase reproductive performance of dairy cows, according to new research from the University of Florida. - See more at:

When Will “Drastic” Dairy Markets Improve?

11:30 | 18/12/2014

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ANALYSIS – World dairy markets running 30 – 50 per cent below recent peaks can only improve, although farmers may have to wait until the autumn, says an industry report.

Lower protein levels to increase milk production

09:09 | 18/06/2014

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Dairy farmers feeding crude protein levels higher than 17% could be losing milk and wasting money on purchased feed, experts warn.

Outcome Measures Drive Producer Profitability, Sustainable Practices

09:04 | 11/06/2014

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ANALYSIS - Farmers are seeing the value of switching to outcome measures to increase profitability as part of building on their sustainable farming practices.