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All for the development of Vietnam dairy industry

Company’s name             : CONG TY TRACH NHIEM HUU HAN DAIRY VIET NAM

Abbreviated                     : DAIRY VIET NAM CO.,LTD

Address                           :No. 15 Hang Voi, Ly Thai To Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam

Tel                                   :(024) 3824.2222

Fax                              :(024)3935.2340

Tax code                          :0105092167

Website                      : www.dairyvietnam.com/www.nganhsuavietnam.com

Email                 : dairyvietnam@gmail.com

About Us

Founded in 2010, Dairy Vietnam is a techno-driven transferring and consulting company.  We specialize in providing innovative solutions to the dairy industry in Vietnam.  Our goals are to offer technological solutions and consulting services that are cost-effective, reliable, and profitable to our customers.  We offers a full range of equipment and services to build a successful dairy farm.  By understanding how much our customers invest and depend on equipment and performances, we are committed to delivering to our customers with dairy farming products and services in the most accessible and cost effective way.  We have worked side-by-side, provided technical training, and after sales service to ensure the success of our customers’ business.  Our joined team of experts from Israel, France, Holland, and Turkey with expertize and experience in all aspects of dairy farming, veterinary, cows, technology, and promise to deliver the highest standards in all we do.  Our comprehensive dairy farm training and technical support will assist our customers to be successful.  We have served our customers with a passion for creating more successful dairy farms and “All for the development of Vietnam dairy industry”.

 We are proud to be the sole distributor of many industry’s global leaders in technological solutions, dairy farming equipment and supplies, and raw materials for cattle feed production in Viet Nam.  We are partnered with:

-          Naan Dan Jain - Israel’s leader in irrigation systems;

-          SCR -  Global leader in Cow Intelligence;

-          Ambic – Leading Best Practice In Livestock Health Management

-    VES - Design environmental systems that optimize cow health and productivity for dairies around the world.

-          Kutsan and Sezer Co., Ltd – No.1 Turkey’s milking systems supplier;

-          Surgipharma - Veterinary suppliers; and

-          ALTA – USA Genetics company

-      Zohar Dalia – Israeli manufacturer, supplier, and developer of detergent intermediates and cleaning products.

-          Many more leading suppliers in the dairy farming industry.

Dairy Vietnam also works closely with a number of research & development agencies such as the Institute of Water Resources and Irrigation & Environment (under Viet Name Institute of Water Engineering (IWE)) and the National Institute of Animal Husbandry (NIAS) in transferring and adapting modern technologies in dairy farming and agriculture.


To be the national leader in offering a wide versatile and affordable array of advanced technological solutions and consultations in dairy industry and agriculture. 


We are committed to deliver the most sustainable products and services to improve efficiency and to drive growth for single dairy farm and Vietnam dairy industry.  Whether it’s a small, mid-size, or large dairy farm, it is our mission to be committed to providing a comprehensive range of modern technology and services that maximize our customers’ profitability.  

 Core Values

Our core values are based on fairness, respect, and loyalty.  These values have set the right foundation for our business and our employees.  It is how we conduct ourselves in business and interact with all, whether it’s our vendor, our client, or our co-worker.     

 Business Philosophy

-          We put our Clients first and maintain their loyalty through high service quality. 

-          We appreciate our Employees and provide them with opportunities to perform their best and to grow. 

-          We desire to create equal opportunities for our Vendors. 

-          We are engaged in the safety and benefit of our Communities, being accountable, responsible, and supportive to our Stakeholders.


As Vietnam’s diary industry continues to grow, it has become more critical to share news, information, and facts.  It is equally critical to bring our products and services closer to our customers.  In 2010, Dairy Vietnam had launched our easy-to-navigate website at www.dairyvietnam.com to provide the most dynamic and comprehensive information of the dairy industry in Viet Nam and around the world.  Our website serves as an online library to all users.  Visitors can find the most up-to-date information about the complexities and challenges in dairy farming, and new technological solutions in modern dairy operating.  

 We understand the challenges our farmers face every day by being not aware of the changes in the dairy market.  Without these information, the business could be at risk.  As busy as it can be, our customers can easily connect to our service for the much needed information.   

 Our website also provides our current and potential customers an easy way to purchase the dairy equipment and supplies.  We carry a variety of equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers because we believe our customers deserve it.  Searching and purchasing equipment has never been this easy and cost effective.    

 For investors, our website provides a bigger picture of Vietnam’s dairy industry.  Our goals are to build a bridge helping our customers to enter our local dairy industry at the same time create the competitive advantage and optimize their ROI.  We understand our clients are looking for open and potential market and Viet Nam is considered as one of the largest markets in Asia.  Viet Nam dairy industry is undergoing rapid changes and our website will offer all critical and accurate information our customers will ever need.  Our experts are also available to answer all concerns and questions. 

 We invite you to view our website www.dairyvietnam.com and over that summarize who we are and the services we offer.  We encourage you to follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/channuoibosua?ref=bookmarks and stay connected about new products, news, and much more.

 Our Products

Dairy Supplies and Equipment

-          Milking mobile machine and milking parlors

-          Feeding and watering equipment

-          Cooling  and heat treatment system

-          Herd and health management equipment

-          Smart tags for identification, heat detection, and ruminant

-          Cattle care

-          Feeding and storage equipment

-          Manure treatment equipment

-          Wastewater treatment system

Raw materials of Livestock’s feed

-          Distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS),

-          DCP, MgO

-          Calcium salt of long chain fatty acid – bypass fat

-          Soybean meal

-          Corn and corn gluten

-          Canola meal

-          Copra meal

-          Rice protein meal

-          Rice bran meal pallet

-          Wheat bran pallet

-          Others

Agriculture Machinery and Equipment 

-          Cultivation machinery and equipment

-          Haying equipment

-          Grass choppers

-          Tractors

-          Font and loaders,

-          back hoes, etc.

-          Irrigation, fertigation, and filtration system.

-          Others 

Dairy Farming Services

-          Consultation – local and foreign experts to answer questions

-           Field study – the feasibility of the project area and the building of a dairy farm plan

-          Design – the layout and detailed designs dairy farm

-          Technical support – comprehensive dairy farm training and related technical support

-          Carry out for projects:

-          Total project management - engineering, procurement, and construction (EPCM).

-          Complete bidding, start-up, and hand-over completed project

-          On-going services of project management and consultation.   

 Dairy Vietnam will utilize its local and foreign expertize working as subcontractor/joined foreign group to administer large scale management and consulting including services, products, equipment, and systems.

Scope of Our Services:

-          Master plan and detailed design.

-          Diagnosis, locate, and select required technologies, methods, systems, processes standards, livestock equipment, machinery, supplies, and prices

-          Determine potential dairy farming area location; estimate required land sizes; identify available natural resources (soil, water, climate, etc.).  

-          Schedule and plan project development and completion.

-          Assist, select, and appoint local engineering and construction companies.

-          Assist with the conversion and adaptation of the master plan and design into local engineering plans.

-          Facilitate the tender process and appoint the most competent suppliers and service providers.

-          Procure primary systems, equipment, and machinery.

-          Livestock, health/vaccination tests, and conformity, pregnancy status, quarantine and logistics within Viet Nam and from the country of origin to Viet Nam.

-          On-site project development and construction.  

-    Select, recruit, and provide training to local and foreign operation management, administrative, as well as professional team members.

-     Design and implement all farming project.

-     Provide on-going (on site and/or on line) support, training and services in nutrition, husbandry, veterinary, agronomy, and production.

Thanks and Best Regards!