Farmer mindset on feed inputs shifting

15:32 | 27/02/2013

If a dairy farmer thinks that their cows aren’t capable of raising their production, they’re probably right says Pip Gale.

Cream of the Crop: The Economic Benefits of Organic Dairy Farms

10:42 | 23/02/2013

(Dairy Vietnam) Job creation and greater economic output are the advantageous economic impacts of organic dairy farming over regular milk production, according to analysis carried out on Vermont and Minnesota farms by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Catnip and Cyromazine to Control Growing Stable Fly Problem

09:38 | 19/02/2013

(Dairy Vietnam) Stable flies are a source of aggravation in cattle and cost the US cattle industry $2.4 billion each year making efficient control techniques vital for animal welfare and farm profitability.

Out-Wintering of Cattle:Management and Precautions

14:34 | 23/01/2013

(Dairy Vietnam) Although money is saved on bedding and feed there are many potential negatives involved when wintering cattle outside warns the National Animal Disease Information Service who stress the importance of good management even in a mild winter.

CAP Negotiations Will Make 2013 a Defining Year for Farming

22:07 | 07/01/2013

(Dairy Vietnam) IRELAND - Irish Farmers' Association President John Bryan has wished all farm families good health, and especially safe farming in the year ahead. He asked all farmers, in every task and every day, to put farm safety top of their work agenda in 2013.

Ministry to Oversee Vaccine Development

14:29 | 23/12/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) BRAZIL – ARGENTINA - As part of the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) action programme of the Mercosur group the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply will undertake an audit of vaccine development at the Biogenesis Laboratory in Buenos Aires on Friday 21 December.

Industry Groups Criticise EU Milk Package

21:30 | 07/12/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) EU - The EU Milk Package has been criticised at a meeting between European industry groups where the importance of fair markets and a public dairy policy were reiterated.

Ministry of Agriculture Announces Livestock Health Plan

20:22 | 22/11/2012

(dairy Vietnam) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The Agriculture Minister Luis Ramon Rodriguez announced that the Government is working on three fundamentals for achieving the country's livestock producers to realise meat and egg export potential.

Dairy Document Finalised for Government Viewing

23:24 | 19/11/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) SWEDEN - The Swedish Association of Dairy Farmers has composed a document describing the current situation the nation's dairy farmers. In it includes the administrative burdens and requirements of future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)payments.

Grazing Impacts Cause for Concern, Report Says

20:58 | 17/11/2012

(Dairy Vietnam) US- Land managers should consider a reduction or in some places complete elimination of heavy grazers from public lands.