Rabobank: Butter Spreading, Protein Failing to Lift

21:47 | 19/04/2017

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ANALYSIS - There is hesitation in the market as the outlook for currency changes, production levels, and stocks fuels short-term volatility, according to the Rabobank Global Dairy Quarterly Q1 2017.

How Are US Dairy Operations Impacting Water Quality?

20:34 | 12/05/2016

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ANALYSIS - The tremendous increase in productivity and efficiency in the US dairy industry has also come with an array of negative environmental impacts that are a major challenge from a sustainability perspective, reports Sarah Mikesell, live from the Large Dairy Herd Management Conference held in Oak Brook, Illinois, US.

Home for the Holidays – A US Family Farm

13:20 | 03/01/2016

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ANALYSIS – This week my family and I left the suburbs of Chicago to head home for the holidays, and I thought you might like to hear about my family farm.

Ten Reasons Why China Needs the US

08:16 | 05/06/2015

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CHINA - China is America’s biggest customer for agricultural products, with almost a fifth of imported goods coming from the US. - See more at:

Global Protein Developments: What are the Implications for the Meat Industry?

14:20 | 25/05/2015

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ANALYSIS - What meat will be on the world's plate in the coming decades? Who will eat what and why? Stuart Lumb went to listen to Rabobank analyst Albert Vernooij.

What are Climate Change's Implications for Agriculture?

16:29 | 05/09/2014

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ANALYSIS - The effects of climate change on crop and food production, which are already evident in several regions of the world, show that negative impacts are more common than positive ones.

Ethics, Antibiotics, Consumer Opinion Shaping Buying Decisions

16:39 | 02/04/2013

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The ethics of meat production are issues that many consumers decide upon away from the supermarket, but as soon as they enter the store other driving factors take over, writes Chris Harris.

Looming Threat of Water Scarcity

15:34 | 25/03/2013

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Last Friday - 22 March - was World Water Day. It is held each year as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources, writes Chris Harris.

GM Crops: Is European Farming at Risk?

16:10 | 20/03/2013

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The genetically modifed (GM) debate has been reignited with the launch of a new campaign, hoping to halt the authorisation of 25 new GM crops in Europe, writes Gemma Hyland.

Balancing More Food and Energy with Less Pollution

14:22 | 19/03/2013

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As the global population grows to an expected 9 billion people by 2050, the need to produce more food and energy with less pollution is becoming more and more critical.