Antibiotic Awareness Day: Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

21:47 | 20/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) EU - With the 5th European Antibiotic Awareness Day on 18 November, the Eurosurveillance editorial team from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in Stockholm, Sweden, explain how joining forces can reduce antibiotic resistance.

EUROTIER: Animal Health is Key to Reducing Antibiotics for Livestock

21:04 | 13/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) GERMANY - The importance of animal health and the veterinary profession are key to reducing the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry, according to the President of the Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians in Germany.

Anthrax Case Encourages Vaccination

21:18 | 04/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) KAZAKHSTAN - One cow has been confirmed dead in the Taldy Kurgan region of Kazakhstan due to Anthrax.

Farm Walks to Present Latest Findings on Dry Cow Feeding

20:10 | 26/10/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - It is generally accepted that the transition from the dry period to lactation is the most traumatic stage in the annual cycle of the dairy cow. Nutrition during the dry period should aim to prepare the dairy cow for the dramatic increase in milk production in early lactation, whilst minimising the risk of metabolic problems and infectious diseases post calving. However, many complex dry cow feeding strategies have been advocated, and this has created much confusion.

Forage Conference Focuses on Recovery

20:46 | 24/10/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - Severe drought has taken a toll on forages in Arkansas. "Focus on Recovery" is the theme of the 2012 Arkansas Forage and Grassland Council Forage Conference set for Thursday, 1 November.

Remember to Test for BVD Before Selling Calves

21:34 | 15/10/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) SCOTLAND, UK - The Scottish Government is urging keepers of all breeding herds to think about their Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) testing before putting calves into the sales this autumn.

Hedging Dairy Prices to Lower Risk

20:48 | 20/09/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) Dairy farmers could reduce the risk of volatile markets by using hedging contracts for a portion of their production, writes Chris Harris.

Winter Cereals an Alternative Silage Source

20:34 | 08/09/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - Cool-season cereal grains could provide livestock producers with another source of feed if dry conditions persist and the subsoil moisture continues to be depleted.

Livestock Producers May See Reduced Fertility

22:44 | 29/08/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - As if drought damage to pastures and high hay and feed prices aren’t enough, livestock producers may see reduced fertility in their breeding herds this fall, says Dr David Fernandez, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Cooperative Extension Programme livestock specialist.

Exposure to Sun Increases Vitamin D3 in Cows

19:50 | 17/08/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) DENMARK - There is a clear linear relationship between how long you stay in the sun and how much vitamin D3 your body produces - at least if you are a cow, says University of Aarhus scientists.