Dairy Farmers Invest in Renewable Energy

16:48 | 07/09/2011

UK - More than a third of dairy famers in England and Wales are planning to invest in renewable energy projects over the coming year according to research from the banking group Barclays.

Housing for High Yielding Cows in Israel

18:41 | 24/08/2011

Barns housing high yielding cows should provide optimal environmental conditions in order to enable full potential milk production levels for cows.This goal has not always been taken into consideration. The first dairy farmers in Israel, who emigrated from Eastern European countries over a century ago, constructed barns based on previous concepts suitable for their traditional European background.

Feeding cows the right stuff keeps Central New York drinking water clean

22:20 | 15/08/2011

Syracuse, NY -- When Syracuse residents turn on their water faucets, they most likely don't think about cows in Homer. But they should.

Thanks to research by Cornell University personnel and studies done at a Homer farm, Syracuse's water source -- Skaneateles Lake -- has maintained its clean and healthy quality for the past decade.

Optimising Feed Efficiency

08:54 | 29/07/2011

by Martin Mulholland, Greenmount Campus, CAFRE

The average dairy herd in Northern Ireland is yielding 7000 litres per cow per year. Over the winter 60% of the cows yield less than 25 litres. These cows have lower response rates to concentrates than fresh calved, high yielding cows. On farms where there are adequate stocks of good quality silage, concentrate feeding to late lactation and lower yielding cows could be reduced by 30 to 90 tonnes over the next 3 months, especially on farms where diet feeder wagons are used. This is a saving in feed costs of £5,000 to £15,000. These savings can be made through a combination of grouping cows according to milk yield and / or adjusting feed allocation between the forage wagon and the milking parlour. At a time when returns from dairying are being squeezed, take the opportunity to reduce your costs of production.

A New Concept In Milking Machine & Parlour Hygiene

08:11 | 29/07/2011

Hygiene is a necessary investment for any dairy production that is striving for quality, says DVM Josephine Verhaeghe, CID Lines

VNFuturemilk Development

15:31 | 23/07/2011

US$1.2-billion dairy project launches first products

15:03 | 23/07/2011

HCMC – The local firm TH Milk Foodstuff Joint Stock Co. on Sunday launched its first products in a US$1.2-billion dairy farming and processing project in the central province of Nghe An.