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Farmers Receive Support for Maintenance of Young-stock Herd

(Dairy Vietnam) UKRAINE - The continuing subsidy payments in a livestock programme aimed at preserving the young cattle population in the country has amounted to over 250,000 grivna. This, the government says, is vital for safeguarding livestock farming and they have already seen improvements across the the livestock sector.
A total of 287,000 have been subsidised for the maintenance and preservation of more than 436 000 head of young cattle, said Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Mykola Prysiazhniuk. In Ukraine the state wants to improve the national herd and achieve stability in the performance of the nation's livestock "The recent efforts to stabilise the livestock sector have seen increases in milk production, cattle numbers and live weight processing. Overall the young cattle programme has been an effective policy. " "The national herd is growing. There are now 590,300 head of young cattle, which covers everything under 15 months being kept on our farms," added Mr Prysiazhniuk. Nicholas Prysiazhniuk added that subsidies for the maintenance and retention of young cattle is not just a one-time payment but offers continued assistance to farmers who submit applciations and raise young cattle.
Source: dairysite
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