Importance of Young Farmers Highlighted

17:50 | 16/07/2012

EU - Eric Driver, delegate from the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA’s) Irish member organisation Macra na Feirme, had the opportunity to make a presentation on young farmers and food security in Friday’s European Commission conference entitled “The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Towards 2020 – Taking Stock with Civil Society” in Brussels, Belgium.

Greater Clarity Needed over Milk Pricing Strategies

21:05 | 10/07/2012

AUSTRALIA - Victoria’s dairy farmers need greater transparency in dairy companies’ pricing structures in the wake of major cuts to their opening season milk prices.

Strict Rules Limit Farm Size

20:09 | 12/06/2012

US - Strict rules in place on livestock units are preventing producers from benefitting from economies of scale, in a bid to avoid regulation, according to research by the USDA's Economic Research Service.

Modernisation, Cow Comfort Priority Investments

19:30 | 31/05/2012

UK - The health and welfare of dairy cows comes top in dairy farmers' priorities and is the first place that they would invest money if they have the opportunity, says DairyCo's 2012 Farmer Intentions Survey.

Dairy Farmers Must Optimise Feed

23:31 | 28/05/2012

CANADA - Dairy farmers will be able to reduce their costs and environmental impact with a new investment from the Harper Government. Member of Parliament James Rajotte (Edmonton-Leduc), on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, announced an investment of over C$133,000 to Alberta Milk to support a pioneering study on how to maintain high milk yields while reducing the use of amino acids in animal feed.

Dairy Farmers to Use Information in Tougher Times

05:57 | 25/05/2012

NEW ZEALAND - DairyNZ is urging farmers to access the best possible information to help them farm through the more challenging times of lower incomes.

Dairy farm adding hydro production from manure

07:06 | 08/05/2012

By Donal O'Connor, Stratford Beacon Herald. The Anderson farm southeast of Stratford is gearing up to burn methane from cow manure and added bio-waste to generate electrical energy.

Importance of Livestock Assistance in Farm Bill

11:49 | 14/04/2012

US - Today, National Farmers Union (NFU) and five other livestock industry organizations sent a letter to US Senate and House of Representatives Agriculture Committee leadership that outlines recommended provisions for the Livestock and Research and Related Matters Titles in the 2012 Farm Bill.

New Alfalfa Variety, Big Boost to Dairy Industry

09:09 | 31/03/2012

US - Dairy farmers could see a boost in milk production, thanks to a new alfalfa variety to be released by Cornell's world-class plant breeders.

Are you interested in cooking replacing firewood by bio-gas?

09:12 | 17/03/2012

Do you have any cattle or other livestock with fresh manure to get daily? Do you have plenty of water to mix? Perhaps you may be interested in this post about calculate your own biodiversity to generate bio-gas to cook.

This post is inspired by an excellent PDF (Spanish) of Jaime Marti (see link on bottom).