Dairy Vietnam Co., Ltd. sincerely thanks customers who were interested in our products. Regarding our products, our company specializes in trading of machinery, equipment and appliances husbandry and veterinary medicine in the dairy industry, laboratory equipment, various types of electronic scales for feed mill, weight scale for cattle, pig farms, feed ingredients, Raw material for livestock feeds, supply the irrigation for different crops, cooling systems for breeding, consultant and development the agricultural projects in Vietnam and to be the representative, agent for some world leading companies in Vietnam’s markets.

The company specializes in trading the following commodities:

+ Supply raw materials for animal, livestock feeds and feed’s supplements
+ Supply equipment for livestock and poultry. Supply artificial insemination equipment, laboratory equipment, milk’s analyzers of milk, miliking machine and milking parlour.
+ Supply Equipment and steel structure for dairy barn, calf barn, farm’s fence, Feeding systems, cooling and ventilation systems...
+ Provide automatic irrigation system with fertigation for all kinds of different crops in the greenhouse, Net house or field
+ Advise on the application, provide the solution, supply and install Greenhouse, Nethouse farms for cultivation of different crops, flowers.
+ Supply water assembled tanks, linner for water pond for the farm
+ Supply the seed of grass, forage for dairy cows

Consulting and development of agricultural livestock projects for dairy and beef cattle, slaughter and meat processing.

Representative distribution of some equipment, machinery and VET instrument on the market in Vietnam for some leading firms in Europe, Asia and America .. . as Lactoscan (Hungary), Surgipharma (Pakistan), Mayor (Israel), Upgrade Solutions (Israel) ...

Customers, who wish to order the product that our company provides, please contact

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh - Mobile: 0902121482

Email: dairyvietnam@gmail.com

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Mini in Line

10:26 | 25/08/2012

Recommended for fruit orchards, landscapes and gardens

J-Turbo Key Plus

10:22 | 25/08/2012

Openable button dripper


10:19 | 25/08/2012

Openable Pressurecompensating (PC) button dripper
- Recommended for orchards, fruit crops, plantations and nurseries
- Ideal for undulating terrain and steep slope

ClickTif HD Pointer stakes & accessories

10:12 | 25/08/2012

Precise irrigation of pot-plants and grow-bags in greenhouses, nurseries and landscaping.

ClickTif HD

10:05 | 25/08/2012

Heavy Duty Pressure-Compensating (PC) & Compensating Non-Leakage (CNL) Button Dripper

Chapin Deluxe & BTF

10:01 | 25/08/2012

Uniquely designed 16 mm and 22 mm tape for increased durability and clog resistance.
Irrigation of row crops and vegetables

J-Turbo Slim

09:55 | 25/08/2012

Recommended for closely spaced seasonal row crops like sugarcane, cotton, chilly, potato, ground nut, onion, vegetables, oil seeds, strawberry, banana, floriculture etc.


09:54 | 25/08/2012

Innovative thin/medium-walled dripline with the most advanced labyrinth dripper on the market: maximum durability, accuracy and clog resistance.

J-Turbo Line 20mm

09:52 | 25/08/2012

All-purpose dripline ideal for irrigation of orchards and field crops


09:50 | 25/08/2012

High-performance, long-lasting cylindrical 16 mm dripper incorporating the unique advantages of the cascade labyrinth