US cattle futures rise as part of broad commodity strength

21:54 | 13/02/2020

US live cattle futures closed higher on 12 February after a four-moth low as fears over the impact of China’s coronavirus outbreak subside.

Arla Urges Farmers to Embrace New Interest Consumers Show in Dairy

21:29 | 10/02/2020

UK - Speaking at the Dairy Tech event last week, Graham Wilkinson, Senior Director of Agriculture at Arla Foods UK called on farmers to ignore the foghorn of anti-dairy voices and instead focus on ensuring all farmers play a part to promote the superfood that is dairy.

October's Global Dairy Production, Pricing Data Dashboard

21:31 | 15/10/2019

Every month, the US Dairy Export Council aggregates domestic and global dairy data, writes Alan Levitt.

Milk Price Spikes as Demand Rises in Muharram

20:34 | 13/09/2019

PAKISTAN - With the increase in demand for milk on the occasion of Muharram, milk traders are cashing in on the event and have inflated the prices by almost 50 percent.

Cattle Markets Gain Momentum

21:02 | 12/08/2019

BANGLADESH - The cattle markets in Dhaka have started to gain momentum with buyers turning up in increased numbers, ahead of the holy Eid-ul-Azha to be observed in the country on Monday.

Tougher Bank Capital Rules Could Slice Off from Dairy Profit

21:17 | 08/07/2019

NEW ZEALAND - Stricter bank capital requirements would severely dent dairy farm profits if the Reserve Bank goes ahead as planned, warn dairy interests in submissions on the contentious proposals.

CME: 14.5%/More Increase in US Corn Price Likely

21:03 | 26/06/2019

US - According to Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc., the assumption is often made that when feedstuff costs increase dramatically that a response in the livestock and poultry sectors is to lower carcass (dressed) weight. Basic economics suggests that response.

NZ Dairy Industry to Invest $25.7m to Improve National Herd

19:53 | 17/06/2019

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand's dairy industry is investing $25.7 million in an innovation project to produce better cows.

Dairy Farmers in Karachi Hike Milk Price

20:27 | 12/04/2019

PAKISTAN - Dairy farmers in Karachi announced the milk price hiked by Rs23 per litre on Wednesday.

President’s Budget Yet Again Neglects Severity of Farm Economy, NFU Says

20:27 | 14/03/2019

US - President Donald Trump yesterday revealed his proposed fiscal year 2020 budget, proposing cuts to the US Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies in order to increase spending on a proposed border wall and defense initiatives.