Cheddar Prices Reach an All-Time High

11:20 | 02/03/2022

Global Dairy Event #303 concluded Tuesday morning with the price index up 5.1%. Cheddar stole the show, settling nearly 11% higher to an all-time high average price of $2.96/lb. Butter set a five-year high to $3.12/lb when converting it back to the US 80% butterfat content. Whole Milk Powder also rallied to a five-year high to around $2.16/lb.

Milk Price Similarities and Differences: 2014 vs 2022

10:07 | 23/02/2022

With current milk prices where they are and the optimism prevalent in the market, there have been comparisons made to 2014 when we experienced the highest milk prices on record with the All-milk price averaging $23.98. Currently this is all speculation and anticipation as we still have 11 months of prices remaining this year. However, we may need to compare similar years with underlying cash price movement to make a better comparison and why we are seeing what we are.

Milk Prices Slip Lower

21:16 | 09/02/2022

In the CME spot dairy auction, blocks held steady at $1.9000 per pound, with zero lots trading. Barrels decreased to $1.8900 per pound, down two cents, with two loads changing hands. Butter eased to $2.5075 per pound, with five lots exchanged. NDM fell to $1.8425 per pound, giving up $0.0025, with three loads trading. Dry whey increased to $0.8675 per pound, gaining a penny to reach a new all-time high. Two lots changed hands.

What Makes Milk Prices Today Different Than 2014?

21:44 | 11/01/2022

Global dairy commodity prices are rising, and milk prices are following suit. The latest National Dairy Product Sales Report (NDPSR) nonfat dry milk price as of writing is $1.56/lb. That is a level not seen since prices experienced a run-up in 2014. For years after the high in 2014, prices mainly stayed below $1/lb.

US ag exports continue to set blistering pace for FY 2021

17:11 | 31/08/2021

The US Department of Agriculture's Quarterly Trade Forecast shows US agriculture exports continuing their record setting pace for the rest of 2021 and sustain their growth into 2022.

Weekly beef and dairy digest: potential Oregon ballot initiative has major implications for cattle ranchers

10:26 | 28/08/2021

In this week's digest, Jim Wyckoff explores recurring labor and supply chain issues in the food industry and the rules governing cell-cultured meat.

Latin America sees milk production bump

15:16 | 07/08/2021

According to the latest update from Quarterra, milk production in Latin America has lifted 3.3% in the year to May compared to the same period last year, writes Bronwyn Magee, AHDB analyst.

UK ‘meat tax’ would cost economy almost £250 million a year

08:24 | 04/08/2021

A 'meat tax' would cost the UK £242 million a year according to a new study, adding a surprising economic rationale to the National Food Strategy's dismissal of the idea on political grounds.

Weekly dairy digest: USDA releases its annual dairy market and trade report

21:08 | 25/07/2021

The USDA predicts strong performance for the global dairy sector as China's import demand soars.

Weekly Protein Digest: Global food prices slide for the first time in a year

21:20 | 11/07/2021

Global food prices fell 2.5% (3.2 points) during June, with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ food price index sliding to 124.6 points, writes markets analyst Jim Wyckoff.