Milk Futures Gain More Momentum

22:13 | 15/03/2022

The milk markets began Monday with solid performances in Class III and IV. Class III values added 8 to 20 cents/cwt in Q2 2022 while Q3 added 30 cents and Q4 2022 jumped 30-52 cents/cwt. First half 2023 ranged from 6-27 stronger in the months that traded. Class IV markets had more limited trade and gains adding 9-24 cents in the May through December 2022 contracts.

Larson Acres Leans on Genomics to Make Genetic Progress

21:45 | 13/03/2022

When Larson Acres purchased truckloads of cattle in 2010, they didn’t have much information on those first-calf heifers that helped fuel their expansion. Since then, the herd has doubled in size, with 2,500 lactating cattle on their century family farm in Evansville, Wis.

Pandemic boosts Swiss demand for organic dairy products - study

11:21 | 02/03/2022

It's uncertain if changing consumer habits are here to stay

South Dakota Stands Out in an Otherwise Bleak Milk Production Report

12:00 | 28/02/2022

USDA’s Milk Production report released on Tuesday illustrated year-over-year declines in both January milk production and cow numbers. January production was down 1.6% year-over-year and cow numbers declined for an eighth consecutive month with a drop of 82,000 head from a year prior and 5,000 fewer than December. These are the lowest cow numbers since June 2020.

UK: Dairy-crossed beef calves continue to rise

15:50 | 24/02/2022

Overall calf registrations were average

Possible Legislation Could Help Iowa Dairy Farmers Purchase Robots

15:48 | 24/02/2022

Lack of labor is driving many producers to not only consider implementing new technology, such as robots to milk the cows, but also invest in that technology. That all comes with a hefty price tag, as one single robot that can milk around 60 cows hovers around a quarter of a million dollars.

Pakistan emerges as major Australian dairy export market

10:09 | 23/02/2022

Pakistan is the fourth largest dairy producing country in the world

2014 vs 2022 - Strong Milk Prices Not the Whole Story

21:13 | 09/02/2022

Spot cheese prices declined during the second half of January but have now regained about half of the loss for blocks with barrels regaining about three-fourths of the loss. The buying frenzy that dominated the market in December through the first half of January ran its course for a period of time as buyers had purchased supply ahead of time due to the fear of tightening milk supply and to compensate for increasing delivery issues. Buyers eventually felt comfortable with supply and settled down for a period of time. Now it seems that more attention is being put on second quarter demand. This is again earlier than usual as the marketplace is adjusting to longer delivery times as well is continued strong demand.

Can South American Dairy Exporters Rise to World Demand?

22:25 | 25/01/2022

Milk production growth has recently been lagging year-earlier levels in most global supply regions, but production in South America has been strong in the region’s major exporting countries, Argentina and Uruguay. Both posted substantial year-over-year growth through most of 2021, even as production across the other South American countries was mixed.

Will High Prices Impact Dairy Demand?

22:13 | 25/01/2022

There certainly has been no lack of excitement over the past few months. Butter and nonfat dry milk prices have made multi-year highs while dry whey price has reached a new record high. Cheese prices have continued to fluctuate lacking the steady uptrend butter and powders have exhibited.