Is Your Farm Ready for the Beef-on-Dairy Revolution?

19:55 | 25/07/2022

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. But it’s also what’s fueling some dairy farmer’s pocketbooks. Domestic beef sales have exploded over the past few years, and dairy farmers have started to capitalize on the opportunity be become a bigger part of the beef sector.

How overstocking affects dairy cow performance

20:16 | 20/07/2022

A common saying in the dairy industry is, "When milk prices are high, I want to milk more cows and when milk prices are low, I need to milk more cows." This often means overcrowding the pens.

How much is mastitis costing your dairy farm?

20:50 | 12/07/2022

Clinical and subclinical mastitis costs dairy operations billions every year.

What Do Recent Falling Feed Prices Mean for Dairy Producers?

10:43 | 09/07/2022

The rollercoaster dip of yesterday’s global dairy trade auction, falling 4.1% in its overall index, also followed suit with feed prices dropping. Yesterday, September corn closed below $6/bu., August soybeans dropped 70.5 cents to $14.39 and August soybean meal fell to $410/ton.

New Zealand to price sheep, cow emissions

22:41 | 08/06/2022

It would be the first country to make farmers pay for emissions

Weekly global protein digest: improving supply chains, McDonald's, US dairy report

21:05 | 07/06/2022

Analyst Jim Wyckoff shares an update on the US futures market, USDA reports and global protein news.

Australia to ship 1.25 mln baby formula cans to US

21:10 | 30/05/2022

The shipment should help ease a nationwide shortage

Dairy” Farms are Going Away

21:20 | 18/05/2022

It’s a brave new world in agriculture, and that includes the U.S. dairy industry.

Safety Tools for Every Dairy

12:21 | 05/05/2022

The lists of tasks to complete on a dairy is never-ending, but worker safety should reign as the highest priority for mangers.

Dairy Must Face Forced-Labor Claims by Mexican Veterinarians

21:45 | 27/04/2022

A U.S. appeals court on Monday revived a lawsuit by six Mexican veterinarians who claim an Idaho dairy forced them to milk cows and perform other menial tasks, and threatened them with deportation if they refused.