Genetic Parameters for Perinatal Mortality in Irish Dairy Cattle

20:24 | 26/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) The Animal and Grassland Innovations Centre and TEAGASC have gathered data from Irish Cattle Breeding Federation for the years 2002 to 2011. They looked into whether perinatal mortality rates could be decreased through exploiting genetic variation traits.

Ag Survey Shows Decline in Farm Income; Land Values Rising

23:18 | 19/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - While the drought of 2012 continues to dampen expectations of farm income potential across much of the Midwest and Mid-South, agricultural lenders expect crop insurance and higher crop prices to help mitigate much of the impact.

Researchers Observe Milk Production Increase

22:52 | 12/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) AUSTRIA - Academics at the Raumberg Gumpenstein University have conducted an experiment into cow forage and its effects on early milk production.

Cutting Costs - Do we Really Need to Vaccinate?

20:48 | 10/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) Not so long ago veterinarians spent a lot of time trying to convince their clients of the benefits of prevention rather than cure, and in particular the economic benefits of vaccination. However, vaccination is like insurance: if you don’t have to make a claim, you always wonder if you really needed it.

New Approach to Deliver for Australian Dairy Farmers

19:21 | 06/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) AUSTRALIA- Dairy New South Wales (NSW) is moving to a skills-based board, replacing the existing model of regional representation, to deliver better outcomes for farmers, according to an industry pres release.

Milk Producers Push for Farm Bill to be Passed

20:47 | 01/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - During the 2012 annual meeting of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), held here in the Magic Kingdom this week, Chairman Randy Mooney and President & CEO Jerry Kozak addressed the NMPF membership and discussed the organszation’s progress over the past year.

Liquid Milk Farmers not Paid Enough to Sustain Supplies

22:33 | 30/10/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) IRELAND - Irish Farmers' Union (IFA) National Liquid Milk Committee Chairman Teddy Cashman said specialist liquid milk producers were not paid enough to deal with the current massive feed cost inflation. For the longer term, their remuneration is out of kilter with current retail market trends, where more and more milk is sold at lower margins under retailer’s own Private Labels.

Feed Challenges to Face Producers this Winter

23:21 | 28/10/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) ANALYSIS - UK producers have experienced the wettest summer in over 20 years. Many producers have used up their winter supplies of forage stocks feeding livestock over the summer months, writes Charlotte Johnston, TheCattleSite editor.

Should we be Investing More in Parlours and Labour?

20:07 | 26/10/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) UK - Recent results from the National Mastitis Survey suggest that as herd size has increased, there has not been a corresponding increase in parlour capacity or labour, reports Charlotte Johnston, TheCattleSite editor.

Dangers of Silo Gases

19:40 | 13/10/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) After harvested forages are placed in a silo, they often produce gases during the early stages of the fermentation process, writes Linda M. Fetzer, Pennsylvania State University.