Is Parlour Training Heifers Worthwhile?

11:46 | 26/05/2014

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ANALYSIS – Efforts made to initiate heifers to parlour routine may be wasted, according to a research review by a US livestock expert.

Technology Must be Embraced to Bring Sustainable and Efficient Dairying

08:40 | 24/08/2013

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ANALYSIS - Computer literacy is vital if voluntary milking systems are to be effectively implemented and time and energy saving technologies onfarm are to move the industry forward.

Do What is Best For Your Farm: Dairy Crossbreeding With Holsteins

15:59 | 16/07/2013

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ANALYSIS - Although still highly rated as the number one high output breed, some Holsteins have become too extreme, forcing producers to alternative crossing options in a bid to improve herd fertility, grow bigger calves and reduce veterinary costs through hybrid vigour.

Why is UK Lagging Behind on On-farm Anaerobic Digestion?

15:56 | 04/03/2013

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The use of on-farm renewable energy and anaerobic digestion is commonplace in Continental Europe, particularly in countries such as Germany and Denmark, but some countries such as the UK are lagging behind, writes Chris Harris.

Dairy Profitability Outlook Bright

09:02 | 25/01/2013

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(Dairy Vietnam) Missouri dairy farmers should see steady milk prices with increased profitability in the second half of 2013, said Joe Horner, University of Missouri Extension dairy economist delivered at the AgMarketing Outlook Conference.

First Evidence of Badger’s Spreading Tuberculosis to Cattle

08:31 | 25/01/2013

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(Dairy Vietnam) In a ground-breaking new study involving local farms, scientists from AFBI and the University of Glasgow have tracked the transmission of bovine TB at the highest possible resolution using advanced genetic sequencing technology.

How Will Genetics Feed the World?

14:28 | 22/01/2013

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(Dairy Vietnam) ANALYSIS - As soon as the phrases "genetic improvement" and "new technology" are used in the same breath, the image that many laymen create is one of monsters and Frankenstein food, writes Chris Harris.

US Ethanol Policy Eating Family Budgets

09:42 | 14/01/2013

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - A new study demonstrates the dramatic change in US food affordability trends since the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) came into being in 2005. Dr Thomas Elam, president of FarmEcon, LCC, the study’s author, shows that compared to long term trends, in 2012 the average family of four saw about a $2,000 increase in food costs, meaning that for the first time since the 1970s, food is becoming less affordable.

USDA Drought Action Opens up $200 million Worth of Forage

21:31 | 19/12/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) US - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the US Department of Agriculture's measures to open conservation land to emergency haying and grazing during the 2012 drought freed up a record 2.8 million acres and provided as much as $200 million in forage for producers facing critical feed shortages.


21:23 | 27/11/2012

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(Dairy Vietnam) Organic milk is just one of many options in the dairy case to fit different lifestyles and personal preferences. Having more choices makes it easy for people to meet the government's dietary recommendations for three servings of milk and milk products a day